Anything can happen in Cancun as it so often does. When Daphne and Roland first met it wasn’t love at first sight. The intense love would come later. It was an acquaintance, polite and simple, a friend of a friend. How could they have known about the depths of desire depravity and self abandonment that would eventually follow?

Daphne had moved to Cancun planning a whole new start. The perfect location, the climate and beaches and freedom drew her, far away from the past and the pain. Her smart looks and bedroom green eyes, a degree in linguistics and fine art, her innate confidence now brimmed with sparkling ease. But could it be that simple, she wondered? Can escaping from hell be only a choice, packing bags and hopping on a plane? From her hotel top perspective she leaned back on the balcony recliner and reserved a leisurely beach view. 18th floor and the ocean waves reaching and receding like pulses of pure pleasure, Daphne’s riddled mind finally began to unravel and relax.

Daphne watched the ocean tide, the sun now setting. She thought how the moon rises as the earth sinks, an illusion of light. The rise and fall unable and little, so swept up in its spinning spittle. She giggled. The white wine, she sipped. Another glass would follow.  I could paint that tide she said with one squinted eye. “My life could be good here,” she whispered the words aloud to herself.

The summer of 2018 Cancun suffered consistent bad tourist news. Tourists being robbed and sometimes killed, the headlines wouldn’t always hide the bullet holes in the local restaurant windows. The shootings and killings were less frequent in the hotel zone yet much too close for tourists and their safe family vacation dollars. 8 bodies found in Cancun, chopped up in bags – while the State Department, Democratic and Republican members of Congress and Mexican authorities vow they are “making changes and doing what they can to ensure the safety of travelers”.